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Test your knowledge of Spain with this crossword puzzle that has different aspects of the country that is Spain see how many you can get with the hints below but remember no peeking until you've done. The answers are available here or alternatively check out the link below the hint box, Enjoy!


1. A common of way of saying goodbye in Spanish (2 words)
3. A popular customary plate of food that accompanies drinks in many Spanish bars
4. A classic form of dance within Spain
5. The famous beach stretching across Marbella (2 words)
6. The battle that occured between the Moors and Christians
8. The capital of Spain
11. Born in Figueres this surrealist Painter is one of the most well known worldwide
2. One of the most famous festivals known around Valencia where figures are set alight (2 words)
7. One of the several locations near to Madrid
9. A city near to Madrid noted for its fortress apperance
10. The area consisting of rias baixas of galicia to the pais vasco (2 words)
12. A very popular Spanish drink that is a mixture of wine and fruit


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