Travel to Andalucía, Spain

alhambraWhen it comes down to it, Andalucía is the Spain of popular imagination. It is the hub of such quintessential Spanish images as bullfighting, tapas and flamenco. Historically, it was the final stronghold of the Muslim Empire and the last checklist item of the Christian Reconquest. The cultural diversity - Christians, Moors and Jews - of its past left footprints on the Andalucían culture you see today, having played a decisive role in everything from food to music, dance and art.

Sun-drenched Andalucía is the Spain of lively festivals fueled by the nation's friendliest people. Outgoing, light-hearted and determined to make the most of life, it's hard not to fall in love with the atmosphere created by Andalucía's people. The landscape of Andalucía features everything from the soaring Sierra Nevada mountain range to sprawling olive groves and sandy stretches winding along the lapping Mediterranean waters. Here, you will find Moorish arches alongside church towers, postcard-worthy white villages scattered across verdant hills and valleys and an intoxicating charm that even Andalucía's booming tourism industry can't take away.