Nightlife in Spain

NightlifeEnergetic, light-hearted and always up for a good time, Spaniards have single-handedly revolutionized the entire concept of nightlife. Spain's nightlife is a frenetic mix of walking and talking, eating and drinking, and dancing and laughing that doesn't slow down until the sun comes up.

Spaniards are a nocturnal breed by nature, meaning that once the sun goes down they hit the streets in droves, anxious to squeeze as much as possible into the all-too-short night time hours. It may seem like Spaniards are always on the move and that the streets never seem to empty- and it's true. Spanish culture really shines when the sun doesn't, so save up some energy, strap on your dancing shoes and get ready to go!

To start off your night in Spain on the right foot, bar-hop your way around the local tapas scene. After a few bars, a few spreads of tapas and some drinks to wash them down, continue the evening nomad-style, heading from bar to bar and discoteca to discoteca.

Spain's nightlife is notoriously an all-night event, which isn't hard to imagine once you come to find out that dinner could last until well past midnight. Bars don't start filling up until after midnight and typicall stay open until around 3:00 or 4:00am. For you die-hard late-night revelers, nightclubs - or "discotecas" - stay open right up until dawn.