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Enforex spanish school Enforex students can study throughout Spain and Latin America in a variety of locations. Whether starting out as a beginner or with some Spanish, the schools provide a great immersion into the Hispanic culture and lifestyle as well as the Spanish language. Take a look!
Enfocamp spanish summer camp The Enfocamp summer camps across Spain provide young people the opportunity to meet new friends from around the world as they work on their second language skills having fun and trying new activities. Take a peek at the Enforex summer camps in the video!

Videos of Spain

Spain Tour It's impossible to visit Spain without submerging yourself in its lengthy, multicultural history. In the years between the early Iberian and Celtic tribes and today's modern democracy.
Spain Tour There is no singular "Spain"- when it comes down to it, there are actually several Spains. The country is divided into 17 autonomous and vastly different communities, each with their own unique landscapes, cities, festivals, traditions and even languages.
Valencia The home of steaming paella, the enigmatic Holy Grail - supposedly the real thing - and the legendary El Cid, Valencia has a one-of-a-kind historical and cultural heritage that leaves other cities envious!
Madrid Nature lovers, partiers, foodies, sports aficionados and shopaholics alike won't lack for diversion in Spain's capital city, where nightlife, parks, restaurants and stores abound.
Castilla y León Castilla y León is full of monumental architecture - but also excellent shops and restaurants. The whole province is charming and well worth spending time visiting.
Castilla-La Mancha Castilla-La Mancha, located at the very center of the Iberian peninsula, is dominated by an extense tableland, although there are mountainous landscapes too.