Cabañeros National Park

Cabañeros National Park is located in the central region of Castilla La Mancha between Ciudad Real and Toledo. Its geographical location and spectacular landscape allow a particularly interesting collection of fauna and flora as well as a typical Mediterranean climate making it the perfect location to visit during your time in Spain. Stretched over 40,856ha there are plenty of varied activities available to take part in at the national park whether you’re a hiking enthusiast or just after a few days of complete relaxation, there is something for everyone no matter how long you plan on staying for.

Cabañeros National Park was designated its status in 1995 after having been a Natural Park since 1988. The park is the largest area of Iberian Mediterranean forest that still exists today giving it the unique appearance of an African landscape which is definitely one of its most attractive traits to visitors.

Flora and Fauna

Cabañeros National Park is particularly recognisable due to the extensive variety of fauna it is home to, of which a high percentage of species are endangered. On average there are around 276 species of birds and 45 species of mammal that reside here making it a haven for bird-watchers and wildlife-lovers alike having also been titled as a ‘Special Protection area’ for birds. Some of the most important species that can be spotted in the park include: the Spanish imperial eagle, the black stork, the Eurasian black vulture, otters, wild boar and deer. Another notable point about this site is that it plays an important role in the reintroduction of the Iberian Lynx, a highly threatened species which was last spotted in the Toledo Mountains in 2000.

In terms of flora, the landscape is awash with colour and beauty and forms the perfect backdrop to a walk or hike around the park. Over 1000 species of plant have been recorded so far within the park appealing to any nature lover, and the park has plenty of breathtaking scenery to offer all year round.

Activities at Cabañeros

There are many ways to explore Cabañeros National Park depending on your hobbies and what it is that you want to get out of your visit.
If you’re a walker or a hiker then the park is the perfect place for you to stretch your legs. With hundreds of routes and trails through the park ranging in difficulty, length and position you are guaranteed to find something right up your street. If you’re interested in learning more about your surroundings during your adventure, why not book one of the parks free tour guides! Reserve in advance and enjoy the national park to its fullest at the same time as enjoying your favourite hobby.

If you want to explore the park but not necessarily on foot then booking a 4x4 tour is definitely the option you should go for. The tours last around 3 hours and set off either first thing in the morning just before sunrise or 3 hours before sunset to ensure that you get the best views of the park at dawn or dusk
For the more adventurous visitor, there are plenty more options available to make your visit as fun-packed as possible. Selected activities include: archery, rock climbing, paintball, kayaking, cycling and horse riding.

For a full list of activities available as well as information on how to book tour guides and 4x4 tours, visit the parks official website at:

Visitor Centres

The main visitor centre at Cabañeros National Park is El Centro Visitante de Casa Palillos and is probably the best starting point of your visit to the park. The centre offers plenty of general park information regarding walking routes, activities and maps as well as recommended trails and a small gift shop. The centre also houses a number of exhibitions for guests who are interested in finding out a little more about how the park was formed, the landscape and the particular flora and fauna that it is home to.

In addition to the main visitor centre, there is a number of tourist information points dotted around the local villages that surround the park. These offer maps and recommendations about the best way to enjoy Cabañeros. Also situated outside of the parks boundaries yet still tied-in with the parks geology and history are a number of museums: Retuerta del Bullaque, Alcobo de Los Montes and Embalse Torre de Abraham to name a few.
A full list of information centres including opening times can be found here.