Costa Brava

The Costa Brava is located in north-eastern Spain in the region of Catalonia spanning 5,585Km2 of golden sandy shoreline. The coast stretches from the northeast of Barcelona to the border with France meaning that it is blessed with a perfect, typical Mediterranean climate. Culture also presents a major difference in comparison with the coastal towns of the south, whereas the coasts of Andalucía embody their Moorish pasts, the north-eastern area of Catalonia embraces its traditional coastal villages and unique scenery which provides the perfect backdrop for a visit to the beach. With castle ruins, natural parks and hundreds of hidden coves and beaches, the Costa Brava is short of nothing and there is sure to be something to suit any type of holiday escape. As a developed visitor destination, the Costa Brava is also home to a number of water parks, plenty of shops, markets and a wealth of restaurants and bars to keep you occupied during your stay. So whether you're an avid sunbather or someone who loves an adventure, the Costa Brava couldn't be more suited to your particular needs.

The Costa Brava is known for being popular amongst tourists, but if it's tranquillity and privacy you're after the coast can also provide the location for a relaxing getaway away from the main tourism area yet still in easy reach of the main visitor destinations.


  • Platja de Castell: As the only beach in the area which has yet to undergo development aimed at tourism, Platja de Castell is the perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of other tourist driven beaches.
  • Platja de Pals: Popular for its beach games and water sports, Platja de Pals is a great place to spend a day with the family. You can also sign up for diving and boat trips from the coast.
  • Cap de Creus: Possibly the most visually interesting of all the beaches on the Costa Brava, Cap de Creus is composed of a series of rocky cliffs and formations which hide a number of quiet, private bays. This area is also a particularly pleasant area for walking.
  • Platja de Llafranc: This beach gives the classy marina at Puerto Banus a run for its money; gleaming yachts, glittering blue waters and stylish streets are popular among Spain's rich and famous and the beach is perfect for a sunbathe, you might even be lucky enough to spot a celeb!
  • Platja de Tamariu: A perfect beach for families, this stretch of golden sand is popular due to its backdrop of white-washed houses and promenade with cafés, bars and small shops.
  • Platja de Canadell: Popular amongst the Spanish and Catalan holidaymakers, Platja de Canadell is a relaxed and laid-back beach perfect for an afternoon of sunbathing to unwind and escape.

With Barcelona as its main calling for tourists, the Costa Brava is perfect for those city breaks but there is so much more still to discover! Families, couples and friends are guaranteed to find what they're looking for in a relaxing, fun-filled getaway on the north-eastern coast of Spain. But don't just take our word for it, experience it for yourself and we assure you that once you're there, you'll never want to leave!