Bay of Biscay

Spanning the Bay of Biscay from the Atlantic coastline to the Pyrenees Mountains and the French border will lead you to an even more rugged coastline, stunning natural surroundings and picturesque towns. Between the cliffs, verdant scenery and sandy coves of the Costa Verde (Green Coast), the Costa de Cantabria (Cantabrian Coast) and the Costa Vasca (Basque Coast) is a mixture of fishing villages and medieval hamlets. The Bay of Biscay is also known as one of the best places to spot dolphins and whales that reside in its waters, specialist boat trips leave the coast and provide the perfect opportunity for visitors to spot these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat.

Known not only for its spectacular landscape, the Bay of Biscay coastline is also lined by some of northern Spain's most popular cities including Santander, and Gijón as well as the French cities of Bordeaux, Biarritz and Nantes. A noticeable difference between this coast and those of southern Spain is the environment. Whereas the dry, sandy landscape of the south is predominantly brown and dusty dotted with the odd palm tree, the north is carpeted in lush green vegetation, mainly owing to its moderate climate and more regular rainfall.

The most well-known coasts off the Bay of Biscay are:

-Costa Verde

-Costa de Cantabria

-Costa Vasca