Costa Vasca

The Costa Vasca is located in the most northern area of Spain also covering the southeast of France stretching from the attractive town of Bilbao to the surfer's paradise of Biarritz. With the Pyrenees Mountains providing the perfect backdrop to the coasts many white, sandy beaches, it's no wonder that the Costa Vasca is known to be one of the most picturesque coasts in the north of Spain, dotted with quaint fishing villages and breathtaking cliffs. Due to its more varied climate, the northern areas of Spain are also known for their lush vegetation and beautiful nature which is uncommon in southern and central Spain. As a result of this, farming and agriculture are of particular importance, playing an important role in the upkeep of the region and, of course, adding to its natural beauty.

In addition to nature, the cities of this area are old and traditional providing a wealth of culture and plenty of things to discover for visitors and guests. The Basque culture, and in particular the language, is unique compared to other Spanish regions, which for many is a main attraction of the area. The region is home to a number of important towns and cities which are each particularly popular amongst tourists. San Sebastian, for example, is the perfect location to visit if you appreciate a good view with its luscious countryside, golden beaches and endless wealth of places to visit and things to see. Of course, if its activities you're after then the Costa Vasca is definitely the perfect place to try your hand at watersports; surfing, kayaking and sailing are particularly popular here and there are unlimited hotspots along the coast which attract visitors solely for this purpose. Mundaka, for example, located between the Basque towns of Guernica and Bermeo is known to be the surfing capital of Europe, attracting thousands of surfers of all levels each year to sample its well-known waves.

  • Playa de Ereaga - Not only is this beach popular amongst surfers, but it is also one of the coasts most easily accessible waterfronts, offering all the services you could possibly need for a perfect day at the coast.
  • Playa de Gorliz - A great family beach, its calm waters aren't necessarily a hit among surfers but they provide the ideal location for a relaxing, fun family afternoon.
  • Playa de Saturraran - This beach is very popular amongst tourists and residents alike, with its breathtaking rocky backdrop and golden sands.
  • Playa de La Salvaje - Another popular surfer's paradise.
  • Playa de Laga - If you're a fan of beautiful scenery then Laga beach is your destination. The mountains stretch right onto the beach providing one of the most scenic areas of the coast and an unforgettable view.
  • Playa de La Concha - One of the most popular beaches along the Costa Vasca, the perfect spot for sunbathing enthusiasts.

The Costa Vasca is the ideal spot for any kind of visitor be they surfers, families, avid sunbathers or culture lovers there is something to keep everyone entertained. This coast is unique compared to any other in Spain and it is certain that there is no other like it in the world which guarantees that your trip will be unlike any you've had before!