Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain

When is the Running of the Bulls?

Plaza de toros

The Los Sanfermines festival - along with its crazed Running of the Bulls - takes place each year from July 6th through July 14th.

Where is the Running of the Bulls?

The small and otherwise laid-back city of Pamplona hosts the Los Sanfermines, a traditional celebration turned international sensation.

Running of the Bulls Traditions:


The annual festivities honoring Pamplona's son-turned-martyred saint San Fermín quite literally take off on July 6th with the "txupinazo," when a rocket blasts off in front of the city hall to announce the official commencement. The crowd erupts into deafening cheers, champagne corks fly through the air, and the crazed vibe for the week is set.

The most characteristic and internationally renowned part of Los Sanfermines is the daily "encierro," better known as the Running of the Bulls. Each morning, a crowd of primarily young men - donning the traditional white outfits and red sashes - gather at 8:00am for the Running of the Bulls. The minutes that follow consist of these men running an 830-meter stretch of narrow, cobbled road- hopefully ahead of the clamoring group of rather irritated bulls charging at them from behind!

After the daily Running of the Bulls, the afternoons are full of bullfights, colorful parades and general festivities. The most important parade is held on July 7th, when - after the Running of the Bulls, of course - a procession dating back to the 13th century winds through the city, accompanied by music, energy and enormous crowds.

The festivities come to an end on July 14th with the singing of the traditional "pobre de mí." Literally meaning "poor me," the song laments the end of another year's festivities.